Lessons from DeShaun Maria Harris

We are less than one week from visiting the ancient marvels of Greece, but the mood is solemn on campus. This week we mourn the loss of DeShaun Maria Harris, class of 2014. I regret never really getting to know her, but ironically, she is preparing me for my role as a Chazen blogger. You see, I opened an email from Chazen with a list of to-dos, and on that list was a suggestion that I review former trip blogs to get a sense of what had been done in the past. I was led to a post from DeShaun dated February 11th, 2013, and she was attempting to capture her Chazen India experience in a closing summary.

This loss has been hard on everyone at the school, including me, despite never really knowing her. For me it has been a reminder that life and death are random events, something that we as high strivers tend to forget. As I read through blogs, tweets, and posts from DeShaun, her passion, enthusiasm, and thirst for knowledge and experience are clearly communicated.

The loss of DeShaun has also brought to awareness that there are still so many people to meet on campus, and so many bonds to strengthen. At Sunday’s memorial services, I shared hugs and tears with my classmates, a real testament to the deep community cultivated here at CBS.

DeShaun led a beautiful life full of adventure, generosity, and vision. She was not an aspiring maven; she had achieved it. She was an experiential connoisseur. I take these lessons with me into this Chazen trip keeping in mind that life is short and unpredictable. I will push the boundaries of this experience knowing that I may not be here tomorrow. And I will make 18 lifelong friends with my travel companions, hoping that we can enrich one another’s lives through deeper connections than just this blog.


Dyanna Salcedo, MBA ’14

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