Fostering Economic Inclusion in Tunisia: Enda Tamweel

On Wednesday, we met with Enda Tamweel, a microfinance institution in Tunisia. The presentation began with senior members of the leadership team telling us about the history of their company, about their products, and about their mission and vision. Their products currently include microcredit, digital services, non-financial services and microinsurance. Enda Tamweel aims to promote economic and social inclusion of vulnerable populations (especially women, young people and rural populations) and to contribute to the economic development of the country.

After presenting information on the company, we met two recipients of microloans for Enda Tanweel. The first recipient used the loan to help open a center to provide language education for professionals. Prior to opening her business, she worked for UPS where she noticed that many people didn’t have strong enough language skills to work across borders. As a result of discovering this market need, she approached Enda Tamweel to see if they would be interested in providing her with a loan. She developed a strong relationship with the Enda Tamweel team who has helped her grow her business over the past year.

Next, we met an entrepreneur who opened a day care center for individuals with autism in Tunisia. His business primarily works children age 3-12 who, historically, were not receiving any care whatsoever. His business brings together language therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, sociologists, and more to help address a traditionally underserved community in the country. I was truly inspired by his work!

– Nimra Khan ’20

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