Argentina – Mendoza & Wrap up

On Wednesday we had the unique opportunity to go to Adeco Agro’s headquarters in San Isidro to hear more about the biggest Agro-Industrial company in Argentina and recent insights on the sector. Mariano Bosch, the company’s CEO, shared the unique management transformation experience Adeco went through after its IPO on the NYSE in 2008. To end the day right, Adeco was also extremely generous to provide lunch for the Chazen crew so that we could head straight to the airport to fly to Mendoza.

After a two and half-hour flight, we landed in Mendoza city, hopped onto buses and headed to El Enemigo. This famous winery is owned by the renowned “Messi” of wine tasting, Alejandro Vigil. We had a delicious seven-course dinner accompanied by seven different varieties of white and red wine. After this exceptional meal, we headed south to Auberge du Vin, the Villa that hosted us in the incomparable Uco Valley.

Thursday was all about expanding our knowledge about Argentinian wine production, and of course, about Malbec tasting. We started our day in Salentein, the biggest industrial wine producer in the region, where we not only toured around the winery and learnt more about their different products, but also enjoyed Francisco Ventura’s piano and singing skills. Several classic hits from Queen and The Beatles were played and sang along to. This was followed by Salentein’s sustainability manager talking about the company’s mission beyond business, an inspiring vision to be shared with the group. The day continued at “Siete fuegos” (Seven fires in English), Francis Mallmann’s renowned restaurant at The Vines hotel. Many Chazen travelers commented: “This place looks like heaven”. The vineyards and the mountains melted together to host a seven-course lunch, once again, lubricated with the finest Argentinian wine. We ended the day visiting SuperUco, a boutique winery owned by the Michelini family, whose production is inspired by their admiration for nature. We received outstanding service, as we enjoyed the state-of-the-art technology and stylish architecture.

Chazen travelers at Salentein

Friday was the sports day of the trip. We started the day by rafting down Rio Blanco, a fun outdoor adventure which pushed us to do some physical activity that everyone enjoyed. After this, we had a horse-ride adventure around Potrerillos. Travelers felt more comfortable on the horses given that they had ridden at least one time on a horse before during Tuesday’s Polo lessons. After enjoying an asado (BBQ) all together, we headed back to Mendoza city to catch our flight back to Buenos Aires. Natalia Bondanza hosted the whole troop at her place for dinner and a real “Argentinian Preboliche” (pre-game) experience.

Unfortunately, every good trip comes to an end, but in this case, not without Professor Marco Viola’s generosity of hosting a farewell lunch at his country house. The bus went straight from Marco’s property to Ezeiza airport, to take everyone back to NYC after sharing an amazing Spring Break!

Thomas Amaral G’19

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