Argentina – Polo & Tango

Buenos Aires has been as interesting and charming as we expected it to be. Its beautiful architecture and cozy neighborhoods are catching the attention and capturing the hearts of Chazen travelers. The general feeling on the trip is a mixture of surprise and love for the city. Over the past two days we were able to visit the Financial District, called “Microcentro”, Vicente López, Palermo Hollywood, and Almagro. Every corner of the city has a different story to tell and activities to offer.

Monday was all about company visits. We started the day in the Argentinian Investment & Trade Agency (Agencia Argentina de Inversiones), with an excellent overview of the country’s economic and political status. Afterwards, we headed to Vicente López to visit La Nación, one of Argetina’s main newspapers, and listen to Jose del Río’s insights on the recent corruption scandal, known as “La Causa de los Cuadernos.” This scandal has been a main concern in Argentina over the past six months, especially with elections looming next October. We finished our day at Vista Oil, where one of the founders Gaston Remi, gave an excellent summary of the company’s short and incredibly successful history. He also talked about Vaca Muerta’s recent shale reservoir discovery and business development.

Tuesday was one of everybody’s favorite days so far. We started by visiting Tenaris’ seamless pipe production plant in Campana. As we walked around the production line, Nick Singer from Cluster B’20 commented: “This feels like being inside the ‘How It’s Made?’ TV show.” Marcelo Irizibar, Tenaris Corporate Planning VP, shared a brief story of the company’s origins and the most recent developments in the Oil & Gas Industry. After the company visit we headed to Polo One in General Rodriguez, to enjoy polo lessons from Martin Garrahan. After riding horses while trying to hit a small white ball with large mallets, (a task that proved quite difficult) we were excited to take a break and enjoy a tasty Asado while watching an exhibition match between two semi-professional teams. They made the game look easy! As if the day wasn’t busy enough, we finished at La Catedral Club un Almagro, for a bohemian Tango lesson. Although challenging, learning the dance was really fun!

Thomas Amaral G’19

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