We all love Oaxaca

We made the most of the 2 days that we had in Oaxaca. It was the perfect beginning for a very busy week.

Our time there begun with a trip to Hierve el Agua where we say the natural mineral water coming from the mountain into the surface and forming amazing waterfall-looking mineral formations. It was a good hike as well. From there we went to a local restaurant and after trying some typical local dishes we continued our way to a Palenque where we learned about the process of making Mezcal and also tried a few local Mezcales.

Hierve el Agua

Before going back to the Oaxaca City center (where our hotel was) we visited the Tule Tree which is the widest tree on earth (47 ft diameter) and tried the local ice creams in Santa Maria de Tule.

Tule Tree

Day one ended with an amazing dinner in the back yard of El Criollo, a renowned local restaurant, were we tasted potato tamales, salsas, ceviche tacos, hibiscus water, among many other delicious dishes.

Day two was great as well. We begun the day with a visit to the archaeological site of Monte Alban where our guide Fred taught us all about the ceremonial site, the excavations and the traditions of the ancient Miztecas.

Monte Alban

From there we went back to Oaxaca historical center and had a great walking tour downtown. From there we explored the historical center and stopped by in a few local Mezcal, artisan, ice cream and coffee shops. Before heading to the airport, we went to San Bartolo de Coyotepec to experience the process of creating pottery with barro negro.

Santo Domingo Cathedral

This past 2 days have been relaxing and filled with culture. Now we’re heading to Mexico City and are ready to 4 intense days of company visits.

Valentina Pardo Seguel CBS’19

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