Welcome to Argentina!

The two first days of the trip have gone by quickly! It has been amazing to hear and see how excited and happy everyone is to be in Argentina.

As people arrived from New York or their different pre-trips, some clouds covered Buenos Aires’ skies threatening us with a rainy afternoon. However, we were lucky enough to go on the city tour without any rain. We started the tour around Plaza de Mayo, where the main government buildings and agencies are located. The tour guides impressed us with some interesting facts that even the four local students didn’t know. The second stop was La Boca, where we visited Caminito and learned more about the neighborhood where Tango was born. Finally, we headed to San Telmo, where we visited a “conventillo”, a typical mid 1900’s multi-family home.

Samll group city tour. Casa Rosada (Pink House) on Plaza de Mayo (Mayo Square).

Later on Saturday we had the pleasure to listen to Carlos Carballo, a well-known Argentinian economist and historian, who summarized the main events that affected Argentina over the last century. Due to a tight schedule, we only had time for a quick shower before heading to La Cabrera, a famous local steak house, where we enjoyed a delicious Argentinian Asado.

Sunday morning was all about touring Palermo neighborhood by bike, with Santiago and Francisco leading the tour. After sharing lunch, we headed to the Monumental, River Plate’s stadium to enjoy a thrilling and action-packed soccer match. CBS students were especially impressed by the passionate Argentinian soccer fans.

John Christopher from Cluster G 19 later commented me on how impressed he was about the security measures while going through the different check points, since the police double checked the text on our Columbia Business School flag, looking to avoid inappropriate scripts on it .

We finished the day sharing a fun dinner in La Recova, a distinguished place for trying different international cuisine options.

Thomas Amaral (G’19)

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