Ready.. set.. GO!

Trip..? planned!

Air tickets.?. bought!

Pre-departure meeting..? done!

After more than six months of planning this epic adventure to our beloved Argentina, we are ready to take off. Some minor last minute adjustments and everything is in place to host our dear friends and fellow students, and tour them around the main attractions of Buenos Aires, as well as tasting the best wines of the World in the wild Mendoza province.

As soon as everyone arrives, some from the Iguazú Falls optional trip lead by Santi Molteni, the rest from NY or elsewhere, we will have a kickoff talk by Carlos Carballo, am Argentinian economist and historian who will give us some context of the history of Argentina and explain the recent political and economic developments.

On Sunday, we will go to El Monumental, to watch River Plate against Independiente to experience and enjoy the extreme fanaticism of Argentinian soccer.

During the week, among other interesting company and government visits, we will go to Tenaris Industrial plant to better understand the steel piping production for the Oil & Gas Industry, we will listen to the famous Argentinian economist Jose Del Río in Argentina’s main newspaper HQ’s in La Nación, and we will visit Salentein’s unique winery. From a government perspective, we will listen to top officials of the Agencia Argentina de Inversión, as well as a representative of the Argentinian Central Bank.

We have the advantage of traveling with Marco Viola, Argentinian professor at CBS, who not only already has delivered more than what we expected through his rich network in Argentina, but also will be hosting the closing lunch at his Finca in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. His knowledge and experience will be fundamental to summing up the talks we will have listened to on our company visits and will surely ease any doubts and further our fruitful discussions.

We know we can rely on Chazen during our trip, since we will enjoy Melissa Sponer’s presence and we know Jennifer Tromba will be online 24/7 from NY.

Time to start enjoying- everything is ready to start our Chazen Argentina trip 2019!



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