Mexico here we go!

We are about to begin the Mexico Real Estate Study Trip to Oaxaca and Mexico City! As the day come closer the organizing team, composed by 5 CBS students, goes through the last details to make the experience as complete and enriching as possible.

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, Oaxaca City Center

The trip will start with 2 full days in Oaxaca. This is a city in central Mexico that is mostly known for its colonial buildings, many of which are made from green volcanic stone, and the large variety of indigenous cultures. The food in Oaxaca is well known all around Mexico and some even say is the best of the country. During our time there we will explore the city center and its cathedrals, go to the local textile and crafts markets and try a few of the most renown restaurants in town.

The group will also explore the areas and towns around the city. we will visit Hierve el Agua to relax in the fresh water springs, and to Monte Albán to learn more about one of the earliest civil-ceremonial centers of the Zapotec cultures (500 BC). We will also learn about the process of distilling agave and do some Mezcal tasting before heading to the airport to Mexico City.

Reforma Avenue, Mexico City

The four days in Mexico City will be hectic, not only because of the huge traffic problem the city has, but because we will visit 11 companies and 3 projects/construction sites. Even though the trip is focused in Real Estate, the range of companies is broad in terms of focus. We will talk with Metrobuildings (multifamily developer), Thor Urbana (retail and hospitality developer), CBRE (research), Marhnos (for sale residential development), Morgan Stanley (IB), Intelimétrica (RE Big Data, proptech, entrepreneurship), O’Donnell (industrial development), Dahnos (REIT, mixed use developer) and Sordo Madeleno (mixed use developer). Site visits will include a for-sale luxury condos, a multifamily construction site and Toreo Parque Central, an iconic mix use project just outside the city limits.

We will also use our time there to explore the rich culture and history of the city. We will do a day tour of the city center (Zócalo), visit the Anthropology Museum, walk around the Chapultepec Castle, explore the neighborhood of Coyoacán and learn more about Frida Kahlo in the museum that used to be her house.

Stay tuned for more update during the trip!

Valentina Pardo CBS’19

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