Chazen South Korea: Pre Trip Thoughts

This past Thursday’s pre-departure meeting was the kickoff to our 2019 Chazen South Korea Study Tour.  Many thanks to the organizers for working tirelessly to create an exciting lineup of company visits that will give us an inside look at the dynamism and cultural reach of the Korean economy through company visits in the K-Beauty, K-Pop, Chaebol and nonprofit sectors.  A quick look at what is in store:

K-Beauty: Amore Pacific / L&P Cosmetics

Amore is a rapidly growing cosmetics company, a leader in the Korean market and the 7th largest cosmetics company in the world. L&P Cosmetics specializes in facial sheet masks – an area where Korea is experiencing 20% annual growth and is leading the globe in product innovation.  Amanda Chen (CBS ’20), Freda Zhuo (CBS ’20), Amy Roe (CBS ’19) and Arantxa Flamarique Arizaga (CBS ’19) will present to management on a U.S. entry strategy during our visit!

K-Pop: CJ Entertainment / Rainbow Bridge

CJ Entertainment is a mass media company with businesses in television production, film production / publishing, and artist management / music production. Rainbow Bridge is a record label that is home to numerous popular K-pop artists.

Rainbow Bridge’s ONEUS

Chaebols: Hyundai / Lotte

Chaebols are large family owned conglomerates that dominate the South Korean economy.  It will be fascinating to hear about the historical development and future growth of these particular business structures. Hyundai Group was founded in 1947 and spawned several large stand-alone companies including Hyundai Motor Group, Hyundai Department Store Group, and Hyundai Heavy Industries. Lotte Corporation is the largest candy manufacturer in South Korea and is engaged in a diverse range of activities in beverages, hotels, fast food, retail, and financial services, among others.

Some of Lotte’s Many Products
Hyundai Steel Factory

Non Profit: Heyground

Heyground is a co-working space for social ventures started by Kyungsun Chung (CBS ’19) which houses approximately 40 nonprofit organizations.

Needless to say we are thrilled to have such a diverse set of organizations on the schedule.  More to come in Seoul!

Vincent Su (CBS ’19) is an MBA Candidate at Columbia Business School

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