Philippines: Doing Business for Good

GIP Philippines class at Ayala Corporation

We visited about 15 companies in Manila, Philippines. These industries vary from food to fashion to telecommunications. And despite varying areas of focus, they did have one thing in common and that was to improve the lives of Filipino Citizens.

The Philippines has a population of 107 million people across its 7,000 islands. And half of the population is younger than 23 years old. While the Philippines economy is growing annually at 6% +, there is still much to be done to help the Filipino people. Local corporations are not leaving it in the hands of the government along but are working in partnership with the government.

Ayala Corporation is the Philippines’ oldest and largest conglomerate. Ayala Corporation was founded in 1834, managed by 7 generations of Ayalas and there are currently 3 family members working in the business. The company’s business portfolio includes real estate, telecommunication, water, energy, infrastructure, health care, and education. Ayala Corporation prides itself on its commitment to social causes,  being the Philippines’ partner in its pursuit for progress and building the nation and innovation.

ABS-CBN is the Philippines leading news organization. ABS-CBN also has a public service framework, where they aim to be in service of every Filipino through the following key areas:

  • Humanitarian Relief and Rehab
  • Child Welfare
  • Education
  • Health and Wellness
  • Overseas Filipino Welfare
  • Environment

It was definitely inspiring to meet with these companies and to see that a company can be both successful industry leaders while operating with a social mission in mind.

Jacinta James (’19) is an MBA Candidate at Columbia Business School

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