Ready for the Philippines!

Photo Courtesy of Michele McCauley

In just a few days, students of the Global Immersion: Philippines – Asia’s Rising Tiger, will arrive in the Philippines for both company visits and cultural exploration. I am Jacinta James, a second-year at CBS, and I will be your official Chazen Student Travel Blogger for our trip to the Philippines.

I can’t recall if it was Prof. Singh or Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown Philippines Episode, who informed us that the Filipino people are among the happiest people on earth. Of course, I had to confirm this, and indeed according to a survey conducted by Gallup International in 2017, the Philippines has emerged as one of the happiest countries in the world. As a child of islanders (from the Western Hemisphere), I am always curious about the culture and life of other islanders. And, the Philippines makes this even more interesting, with its Spanish and American influence juxtaposed in South East Asia and as an island nation comprised of over 7,000 islands.

The first part of the week we’ll be in Manila, both the country’s capital and one of the most densely populated cities in the world. We will visit companies across varying industries. Our week will then conclude in Bohol, the Philippines’ tenth largest island and popular tourist destination for its many beaches.

Photo Courtesy of Michele McCauley

I know I speak for my fellow classmates when I say we’re super excited about this trip. From visiting several companies, networking with alumni and having our TA, Joey Osmena, welcome us to his home!

To follow along with us, stay tuned for more blog posts from me, and be sure to follow our journey on Instagram @columbiachazen.

What are your thoughts?

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