Indonesia Here We Come!

Hello from the Coral Executive Lounge in Don Mueang International Airport, in Bangkok, Thailand! In a moment I’ll be boarding my flight to Jakarta to kick off Chazen Indonesia. I’m Beth Connolly and I’ll be your official Chazen Student Travel Blogger for this trip.

This trip comes at the midpoint of my first-ever trip to Asia. I spent the past week traveling through Koh Samui, Chiang Mai and Bangkok with CBS classmates and friends. I’m excited to share my experiences with you here on this blog and over on the @ColumbiaChazen Instagram account, so be sure to follow along in both places.

Our illustrious trip leaders Sanchit, Diana and Bolu have planned for us a week of company visits and cultural activities that will help our group of 26 CBS students better understand Indonesia’s rich culture and heritage. We’ll begin the week in Jakarta, where we’ll conduct the majority of our company visits, covering a wide range of industries, and gain a broad understanding of the country’s economy. Then we’ll head to Bali for the second half of the week, getting a closer look at that region’s tourism business and enjoying the fruits of its hospitality for ourselves. Throughout the week we’ll have the chance to interact with local experts, including CBS alums based in the area.

Our group at Nyonya

In preparation for the trip, we gathered last semester at Nyonya, a restaurant in NYC, to enjoy Rendang and other traditional Indonesian dishes. We even learned about the cultural significance of the dish with some helpful reading materials.

Last month we also held a pre-departure meeting on campus to cover the essential preparation for our trip. Most important task: getting fitted for the Indonesian batik shirts we’ll receive upon our arrival and will be wearing as formal attire to our company visits!

That’s all for now, our flight to Jakarta is departing soon and I don’t want to miss it! Stay tuned for more updates coming to this blog and the @ColumbiaChazen Insta.

What are your thoughts?

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