Looking back at India


Having had some time to reflect on our busy week full of guest speakers, coaching, immersion into Indian culture and sightseeing I think I speak for all of us when I say how grateful we are to have been given this extremely unique opportunity. Our week abroad triggered introspection for each of us to think about our purpose, what leadership means to us and how our current life and routines may not be fulfilling our purpose. A few broad takeaways I was left with and will continue to focus on when thinking about my purpose or going about my normal days are the following:

“Detachment from Outcomes” – So often in life we are so focused on the end goal and a successful outcome that we lose sight of how important the journey and quality of work to get there is.

“Time is the most valuable resource” – As Kiran Bedi said when asked about her plans for the future – TIME is our most valuable resource and how we choose to spend our time is extremely important so living in the moment and serving your daily purpose rather then dwelling on the future or past is extremely important.

“Open Source thinking” – As Rajeev explained as we move into changing times of proliferation of communication we need to start changing the way we think about setting goals, reviewing performance and setting organizational direction. We should always be thinking about the 80/20 rule and that not everyone is meant to be the 20% of top performers so we should stop setting trying to get them to be.

“Life is 10% what you are dealt and 90% how you deal with it” – After hearing from Navin Gulia this point resonated with all of us. After becoming paralyzed in an accident, he used this experience to as the starting point for what he would do with the rest of his life and how he would use this experience to change his purpose and the world. We can use Navin as a role model when we face adversity or different outcomes then we have expected in life.

“Importance of being centered and present” – After hearing from the monk and Kiran Bedi the importance of being centered and in the moment, was a key takeaway. While we can spend all of our time planning out our days and what we hope the outcomes will be there is nothing more important that being centered and in touch with one’s self.

“We don’t make tradeoffs we make choices” – When we asked Kirin about tradeoffs she had made between her career and her family life. She responded by telling us rather than making tradeoffs we make choices that are best for that time and that is all we can do and what we should be committed to.

The best part about GIP India is rather than just learning leadership concepts to apply in our lives going forward in a classroom these concepts became extremely tangible and real by meeting with great leaders and immersing ourselves in India’s rich history of leadership.

The trip would not have been possible without all of Professor Wadhwa and our TA Prateek Jain’s hard work in planning and executing on every aspect of the trip. Between navigating Delhi traffic, keeping us safe and mindful, inviting us to hear close connections speak and always having the ability to roll with the punches we were extremely thankful for all the hard work that went into this week.

India was eye opening, extremely welcoming and hospitable and I would highly recommend this trip to anyone looking for self-reflection, new perspectives on leadership and those looking to feel connected with an amazing part of the world.

-Sarah Spear ’18


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