CBS vs. Bollywood


Our last two days in Delhi were action packed from Bollywood dance lessons, coaching our AbsoluteData counterparts, hearing from Dr. Debroy a key advisor to Prime Minister Narendra Modi at NITI Aayog and visiting the Taj Mahal in Agra.

On our final class day we spent the morning meeting with our AbsoluteData Coachees first in groups and then one on one to provide them with the feedback we had put together through combining what they felt they needed advice on with things we had observed in our observation sessions. We had spent the evening before compiling feedback and ensuring we could give our coaches concrete examples of concepts, develop deliverables and were confidence enough to talk through each of the concepts we would provide them with to use going forward. At the end of the coaching session each of the AbsoluteData participants had the opportunity to stand in front of the room and tell everyone what their key takeaway from the program was and what actions they were going to take going forward followed by each CBS student having the opportunity to share what we had taken away from the experience. The experience was extremely rewarding, especially to see how much an outside perspective had helped our AbsoluteData counterparts by us being a sounding board for advice.

I think I speak for all the CBS students when I say we had felt we took as much away from the experience as our coachees did and were happy to see that even though we live in very different countries the challenges in the workplace were very similar and that we could all use the techniques going forward. This opportunity to coach others was extremely rewarding and I know many of us will keep in touch with our coaches and check in to see how they are doing.

After our coaching sessions we headed to NITI Aayog (The National Institute for Transforming India) which was formed via a resolution of the Union Cabinet in 2015. NITI Aayog is the premier policy “think tank” of the Government of India providing both directional and policy inputs. Our meeting had been arranged by our wonderful TA Prateek Jain and we heard from Dr. Debroy who is a senior advisor to the India Government. This meeting gave us insight into the history of politics In India, the current political climate, how change is implemented in India and how we should think about the priorities and struggles for the economy going forward.

After our action-packed day we headed to a local Bollywood dance class where for two hours we learned three traditional Bollywood routines. Scroll down for some of the pictures of our sheer Bollywood talent. Despite having a 7 am departure for the Taj Mahal the next morning, a few of us took the opportunity to check out Delhi’s night life as we met up with a few of the Women’s entrepreneur panelists from our session yesterday to show us around Delhi.

On our final day we embarked on the 4-hour bus ride to see the Taj and got to see some of the rural India countryside on the way. We had an amazing guide that gave us the entire history of the structure before arriving so when we got to the Taj we knew the full history of the building, structure and meaning behind it.

One word to describe the Taj –- BREATHTAKING —see pictures attached!!

-Sarah Spear ‘18










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