After a quick two days in the classroom with Professor Wadhwa getting us ready for the journey to India I think I speak for all of us when I say WE CAN’T WAIT! This week 36 of us will meet in Delhi and get ready to fully embrace Indian culture, history, commerce, food and our personal leadership journey. This is my second opportunity to blog for one of the GIP trips and although this will be my third GIP trip we have been reassured India will be like no other trip. First off let’s talk about how Delhi is like no other city we have ever visited! Delhi is a symbol of India’s opulent past and thriving present, in the city of New Delhi both the ancient and modern city seamlessly blend together. A few fun facts:

  1. Delhi vs. New Delhi – There is actually a difference between the two places – New Delhi, which is India’s capital, is a territory in Delhi. New Delhi is the seat of the Government of India.
  2. Population & Pollution – Delhi has been credited as the sixth most populated metropolis in the world. In May 2014, New Delhi was announced as the most polluted city in the world by the World Health Organization.
  3. Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor – 24 smart cities, 2 power plants, 6 airports, 23 industrial hubs, 2 ports and a six -lane expressway stretching 15,00 kilometers. After its completion, it will be the world’s largest infrastructural project. Starting from New Delhi and ending in Maharashtra, the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor has been inspired by Japan’s Tokyo-Osaka industrial corridor.
  4. Second best metro in the world – In a survey conducted The Delhi Metro has emerged as the second most popular network in the world.

Before we arrive in Delhi a few of us lucky CBS students have decided to take the week before to explore other regions on India – Jodhpur, Udaipur and Jaipur. We caught the end of the Holi celebrations and I have attached a few pictures from our pre-trip. This week we are looking forward to sightseeing in Delhi, a TATA Communications company visit, participating in American Embassy School Program, working with our paired coachee’s from AbsoluteData, visiting the Gandhi Museum and meeting NITI Aayog. The trip will be a perfect mix of learning hands on leadership techniques and getting our hands dirty (literally!) in Delhi. Looking Very forward to telling you about our adventures that lie ahead.

-Sarah Spear ‘18


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