When dreams come true: the trip that every retail-lover has been waiting for

Have you ever wondered how jewels are made? Or what does it take to manage the most important malls in the world? Or which are the most successful online selling strategies? A group of 20 students enrolled in the RLG Chazen Paris & London will make the dream of every Retail-lover come true: visiting those companies featured in the daily news and dictating fashion trends all over the globe.

From industry disruptors (Farfetch and YNAP) to veteran companies (Asos and Harrods), we will be granted the unique opportunity of getting in touch with the executives who are shaping the industry, getting access to companies’ best kept secrets and discovering what does it take to be a successful retail startup. This one-of-a-kind experience will be led by Professor Akinola and the three organizers Marta Cuenca, Karen Fahmy and Heather Li.

After having attended a master class crafted specifically for us by a renowned HEC Professor, having participated into the debate regarding the future of retail hosted by Galeries Lafayette and Facebook’s executives and toured the atélier of Van Cleef & Arpels, it will be time to fall in love with French cuisine, stroll in London’s parks and visit the famous cultural attractions of both cities. Pairing your coffee with a pan au chocolate, tasting a fresh macaron, blending with peers during the mixer with the Retail & Luxury Goods Club of London Business School (LBS), checking out the best pub in London or trying to decide which city has the best restaurants and the most active nightlife will be key in making the trip a real success also outside the meeting rooms.

When asking the organizers to provide a short preview on the week ahead, they made it clear: “It will be a blast!”.

À bientôt à Paris!

Alice Signori ’18

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