Reflecting on the Vietnamese experience

A couple of weeks ago I was writing the first post for the GIP Vietnam, without knowing exactly what I could expect from my first Asian experience ever. In the meantime, I spent a great week with my CBS mates visiting both Vietnamese companies and historic places. Thus, coming back to the “normal” life, I reflected upon this unparalleled experience and I realized what impressed me the most.


Vietnam is a fast growing country, with an annual 7% GDP growth, and you could easily understand everywhere the desire of the population to grow even more and to become a richer country. In particular, two aspects have caught my attention: the entrepreneurial spirit and the women workforce. Talking about entrepreneurship, Vietnamese are recognized as a very entrepreneurial population and this is clear driving on the roads. Almost every garage is a shop and Vietnamese try to find their own way of living, from selling street food to adjusting motorbikes. Women workforce is another great peculiarity of the country. Coming from Italy, where women employment is less than 50%, even if it is a developed country, women employment in Vietnam is very high, around 75%. Moreover, women are often employed in managerial positions and they are very successful.

Considering all these aspects, I personally believe that Vietnam has all the ingredients to continue its run towards prosperity. The challenge for the future will be to be able to put in place a sustainable growth, driven not only by labor force and foreign investments, but also by an increase in productivity.


I think that this first travel in Asia will be followed by a long list of other trips to Asian countries, but I am very happy to have started with Vietnam, a beautiful country with a bright future ahead!

Elena Richermo ‘18

What are your thoughts?

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