Ho Chi Minh City: the financial capital

Company visits in Ho Chi Minh City have been simply great. We met both international companies and local ones and we were all extremely impressed by the professionalism and the enthusiasm that each company put in presenting their business.

We started on Monday with JLL, the real estate international company that provides services worldwide. Real estate is for sure one of the most attractive sectors in Vietnam, not only for residential, but also for office, retail and industrial. According to their perspective, one of the main challenge will be the balance between affordability and good living conditions for residential properties.

After that, we visited Masan Group, one of the top three private Vietnamese companies, specialized in food and beverage. We had the possibility to discuss the importance of human capital and to discover the main consumer trends that will shape Vietnamese environment in the next few years.


We ended the day visiting Vina Capital, a Private Equity firm that invests in Vietnamese companies. It was a great opportunity to better understand the local economy, with a special focus on the foreign investments.

On Tuesday, we visited the Vietnamese subsidiary of Friesland Campina (The Dutch Lady) and we met the local CEO. The support to local farmers and the involvement of the workers are key elements of their business. We visited also the production plant: a great experience especially for the ones of us that had never visited a dairy plant!

The day continued with a cultural visit to the Chu Chi Tunnels. They were built during the French control and the Viet Cong used them during the war against the Americans. This historical visit gave us the possibility to reflect upon one of the most important events of the 20th Century.

Today we visited other two companies in Ho Chi Minh City. The day started with a BCG presentation. Talking with the local consultants, we understood the advantages of doing consulting in an emerging country, where there is the possibility to see immediately the impact of your work, even in junior positions.


After that, we visited iCare, a social impact start-up that provides benefits to the employees of the big companies. The high concentration of workers in specific areas of the country allows the company to be profitable, leaving at the same time a positive impact to the community.

We left then for Hanoi, where tomorrow we will start company visits and cultural tours. Goodbye Ho Chi Minh City! It has been a pleasure to meet you!

Elena Richermo ’18

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