Preparing for Vietnam

GIP Vietnam is approaching and in a few days, we will finally start our adventure in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. For some of us, it will be the first time ever in Asia and it will be an extraordinary opportunity to meet a great culture, like the Vietnamese one. The preparation for the trip has been extensive and we have had the opportunity to meet great speakers and improve our knowledge of the country and its culture, thanks to Professor Tuan Pham’s inspiring classes.

We started our preparation learning more about the long and complicated Vietnamese history with Professor Lien-Hang Nguyen. We switched then to Vietnamese economy, focusing our attention on the great potential of a country that is experiencing a huge growth. At the same time, Vietnam is facing some challenges and the potential future prosperity is strictly linked to its ability to put in place the right reforms for the country and the population, such as the health reform and the pension system reform. We had the opportunity to understand better this topic when we met Mr. Tien Le, Chief Economic Officer of the Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Washington D.C. The discussion focused mainly on the future reforms and the current trade relations of Vietnam with the other countries, in particular with China and United States.


After that, we met Mr. Mike Le, who had experience in setting up a business in Vietnam. This class was particularly interesting for the ones of us that have an entrepreneurial mind and are potentially interested in either expanding their existing business to Vietnam or in opening a new one. Finally, we ended our preparation talking about the Vietnamese society and culture and learning how to behave in a proper way when we will be in the country.

This extensive preparation has been very important for all of us and now we are excited to experiment directly what we learned in class. The trip will be a great chance to visit both emerging and established companies in Vietnam and to spend time with our CBS mates in a different environment. Be prepared and see you in Ho Chi Minh City!

Elena Richermo ’18

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