Hola! From Charming Barcelona, Spain


Finally, after about seven hours of flight from New York, I arrived at Barcelona, the first city for us to explore; and, the journey began. Barcelona is a very unique Spanish city having its root culture and influence from the Catalan, the native of the Catalonia. The majority of the people in the city speaks Catalan. To me, the city is very charming because of its richness in arts, the aesthetic and unique architecture, the down-to-earth and friendliness of the people and the fact that it just super close to nice beach and ocean. We spent three days exploring this charming city and really had a great time!


Day1: The first thing we did was strolling around the oldest part of the city which was close to the beach and ocean port as it is where the civilization of the city started. Obviously, you can see that the roads in the area are very small, and the size is as small as a walking path. We visited the museum of Picasso, which has the most extensive art collections of Pablo Picasso, the world’s famous Spanish artist of the twentieth century. And, while we were waiting for the welcoming dinner at 9pm, we sat in the small restaurant and enjoyed eating “jamons”, the Spanish Parma Ham. At the welcoming dinner, we all not only enjoyed the delicacies served but also the amazing view of Barcelona at night.


Day2: The second day started with a very nice walk on the mountain overlooking the whole city of Barcelona. After that, we went to the IESE, one of the top business school in Europe. We were given an economic outlook and challenges facing the EU and Spain. In the afternoon, we explored the Sagrada Famillia, the catholic church that has been building since the 1866 until now. The church’s architectural ground was developed by Antonio Gaudi, the world’s famous architect whose work was greatly inspired by the nature. To me, Antonio Gaudi greatly represents the culture and people of city that they are genuine, down to earth, smart and realistic.


Day3: And, the start of the third day in Barcelona cannot be anything else besides a morning walk by the long and beautiful beach. There were so many people along the way running, playing and enjoying the sun. After that, we visited Wayra, the startup accelerator and a subsidiary of Telefonica. Telefonica is a multinational broadband and telecommunications provider with operations in Europe, Asia, North, central and south America. Wayra has an extensive presence not only in many countries in Europe but also in Latin America. Then, we visit the research and development department of Telefonica. This team works like an internal startup analyzing the huge data that Telefonica has and translate into business opportunities creating new innovations through lean developmental approach. Last but not least, the last activity of the day was visiting Camp Nou, the world’s third largest football stadium of FC Barcelona, the pride of the Barcelonian!


Tomorrow, we will have to get up at 4 am to take a flight to Santiago de Compostela, another old city of the country. I will come back and update soon!


Thanujdee Seriwathanophas ‘17

Chazen Spain 2017


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