The Diversity of Italian Luxury

Retail isn’t only defined by big brand name luxury fashion shows – but much broader and made of many types of people and industries. And this trip shows just that – the diverse types of luxury retail from an Italian perspective and heritage.

During our first three days, we have seen the retail industry from four different angles. At the first company, Ermenegildo Zegna, we heard from a member of the Zegna family and the head of Customer Relations Management. At Zegna we learned how a traditional craftsmanship brand with deep heritage is shifting from a product focus to become truly customer centric and maintain competitive in the new world of retail. Then we met with the co-founder and CEO of The Blonde Salad, a lifestyle brand that started as a fashion blog with Chiara Ferragni in 2009. Since then they have lived by their moto “differentiate or die” to successfully navigate new waves in technology and social media while expanding into the largest fashion blog, a unique accessories brand, and multi-talent management company. The following day, we visited the hometown of Ferrari in Maranello, Italy which aside from being heaven on earth for the car lovers in our group showed a different type of ultra-exclusivity in product and distribution. Finally, at YOOX NET-A-PORTER, we saw the less glamorous side of retail by visiting their logistics center and “technology temple” in Bologna, Italy. Though supply chain and technology development are not what people typically associate with retail, the two when done well can be a huge differentiator for a retailer.

Up next, we have three more visits to see more of traditional retail luxury at Gucci and Brunello Cuchinelli, as well as the other major Italian export of wine at Villa Antinori!

#CiaoChazen for now!

What are your thoughts?

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