See You in Seoul!

Miriam Krule ’18
Chazen South Korea

NEW YORK–Reading about South Korea in the news these past few months provides a surreal distraction from our own U.S. political drama. When I land at Incheon International Airport tomorrow, the Republic of Korea’s Constitutional Court will announce the results of the impeachment of President Park Geun-hye. But that’s just one of the things I’ve been thinking about in preparation for this trip. I came to CBS interested in pursuing a career in technology and media, so Seoul placed high on the list of cities I hoped to explore over the course of my two years. In the upcoming week I’ll be joining 39 of my classmates in visiting companies like YG Entertainment—home to some of the biggest K-Pop stars (yes, PSY too)—and the growing messaging startup SendBird.

At our kick-off event, aside from getting the softest Chazen-branded fleeces, we learned about what else we can expect in the coming week: In addition to those I already mentioned, we’ll be visiting South Korean heavyweights like KIA Motors, Samsung, and Lotte. But we’ll also, of course, be rocking out to karaoke, dressing up in traditional clothing at Gyeongbok Palace, and visiting the DMZ.

Having a Chazen trip planned for me by my classmates is a luxury—one that I’m excited to take full advantage of—but it also means that, aside from reading the news, I’ve done a lot less of the logistical prep that goes into learning about a new place. For me though, fiction has always been one of the best introductions into a new country and culture. That’s why I’ve packed the Man Booker International Prize-winning novel, The Vegetarian, for the ultimate plane read.

See You in Seoul.JPG

See you soon in Seoul!


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