Reflections on our trip

James Williams ’17

Our last few days in India went by in a blink.

Here’s a group photo of us in the lobby of the ITC in New Delhi:


I think our trip to India gave us a much better sense of what operating in an emerging market might be like.  From the largest of conglomerates to the smallest of start ups, the businesswomen and men that we met were uniformly confronted with the necessity of making mission critical strategic decisions without troves of data.

One of my favorite insights from the trip related to how one could best capitalize on India’s favorable secular tailwinds.  This person had concluded that since at many times market multiples account for (or more than account for) the underlying growth rates, that one might do best by building their own business.

For many reasons this was an incredibly rewarding trip.  Spending time with executives from a wide array of businesses was immensely educational…maybe I should do that on ALL of my trips abroad…

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