New year, new memories #whycbs

Our new year’s celebrations in Taipei were nothing short of epic.

Here in Asia we’ve learned that symbolism is everything. So on Saturday 12/31 before getting ready to ring in the new year, we spent the afternoon on Maokong, a beautiful hill in Taipei with gorgeous views and cleansing tea. It’s also a gathering place for families all over Taiwan.

We were lucky enough to spend New Year’s Eve at a rooftop venue overlooking Taipei 101, which was also one of the companies we visited.  The design of the building consists of 8 “boxes” shaped like rice boxes since rice symbolizes good fortune. The building also has 101 stories – one beyond perfection. So it’s only fitting that we rang in 2017 with Taipei 101 with fireworks exploding off the building!


On January 1, we participated in another long standing tradition in Taiwan. We drove to Shifen to release lanterns for the new year. We each wrote our wishes for the new year on the lanterns and then sent them up into the sky!


Melanie Chow ’17

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