Amazing Mumbai

James Williams ’17

The gang is all here!


We had a wonderful first night in Mumbai.  This is a photo of about half of us on the roof top of the Four Seasons – a truly beautiful downtown Mumbai property.  The large building in the background is the St. Regis, where we are staying.

Here’s another silly photo of us in an elevator!


We had dinner at a fantastic – some might call it devastatingly delicious – Chinese restaurant before calling it a night.

This morning we were fortunate to have a meeting with Ronnie Screwvala.  For our vast stateside readership, Mr. Screwvala is an Indian media mogul.  He founded his own broadcast channel called UTV during the earliest days of Indian TV privatization.  Since selling his business to Disney in 2012, Mr. Screwvala has allocated the majority of his time to scalable philanthropy and PE style investments.

Mr. Screwvala was very generous with his thoughts on what makes a good mentor (someone who can ask you 10 interesting questions every time you meet them), the direction of Indian media (print still has room to go, VOD is a challenged space) and how we might better ourselves in general.

We went for a nice drive along the ocean (see below)


before meeting with Reliance’s retail group.

Here’s the team, “looking fly” as the youngsters might say:


This was also an incredibly educational meeting and I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite meeting between the two.

Not only did we learn about Reliance’s JV structure a ton about the retail landscape in India, but we got to hear about Reliance Jio’s push into the telephony space and learn more about the Ambani family.

Well – if you can’t tell from my effusive writing, we had a great day today.  I’m almost too exhausted to go to the surely fantastic dinner we are going to have tonight.  Almost.




What are your thoughts?

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