Reflecting on India: Great Memories and Unforgettable Experiences

1929786_2901117841083_6513644370311218490_nOur week in Delhi went by incredibly fast, but left everyone in GIP India (Leading from the Inside Out) with new learnings, great memories, and lasting friendships. From our welcome dinner to our final goodbye at the Taj Mahal, each experience taught us a little more about ourselves as global leaders and India’s vibrant culture. I’ve picked out some highlights below:

  • Exploring New and Old Delhi: Prior to our welcome dinner, GIP India went on a tour of the city. Together, we explored Jama Masjid, Lotus Temple, and Humayun’s Tomb while learning about the landmarks along the way and India’s rich history. This was the first time I got to meet a number of my classmates, and we enjoyed bonding over our mutual respect and admiration for Delhi. We ended the day together at Bukkara over delicious Indian food to kick off our program–we were definitely spoiled on this trip!
  • Meeting our AbsolutData coachees for the first time: As mentioned in some of my previous posts, one of the things we got to do during GIP India was mentor a manager from from AbsolutData on topics including how to have difficult conversions, inspire/influence others, change others’ behaviors, etc. On our first day, we were able to go to the office to meet our coachees in person, while also shadowing them to see their management styles in action. It was a day for information gathering and conversation that would inform how we structured our feedback later that week.


  • Learning about the life of Gandhi: Prior to our trip, Gandhi had been an important figure that we discussed in class as a leader who harnessed the power of leading from the inside out. On the second official day of the program, GIP India visited the Gandhi museum and had a dialogue with the head of the museum.
  • Meeting Kiran Bedi and working with Navjyoti: Meeting the “femmspirational” Kiran Bedi and working with the women of Navjyoti was probably the highlight of my week. Dr. Bedi created Navjyoti to empower women through skills building, focusing on economic independence and education to achieve this. The women we met were truly inspirational and had overcome such adversity to gain the position they and their families have achieved today.

Now that I’m home, I can’t help but miss the time I spent in Delhi with GIP India and thank Chazen, Professor Wadhwa and our wonderful TA Sreya for such a great experience. For those of you checking out this blog to pick which program you’d like to take part in, I highly recommend Leading from the Inside Out. The skills I’ve gained from this course will follow me as I continue to develop as a leader.

Thanks for reading! Signing off.

Ting Ting Guo ’16

GIP India Spring 2016

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