Lessons through Coaching and a Fitting Farewell

On Thursday, my fellow GIP India (Leading from the Inside Out) classmates and I met with with our AbsolutData coachees for the final time.  After a number of one on one discussions and observations, my coachee and decided to focus on the topic of how to inspire others.  

As a growing company in the technology space, AbsolutData faces the challenge of retaining a pool of young, highly-skilled, driven analysts, making the ability to effectively inspire and motivate all the more crucial. Together, my coachee and I developed a loose framework for how to inspire others, starting from self-inspiration, which can be drawn from a variety of sources including others (historical or friends and family), the environment, the arts, etc. Using my coachee’s strength in storytelling, we practiced using vignettes from his own experiences to inspire others from within. The program was incredibly rewarding and we both walked away feeling as if we had achieve both personal and professional development.

The rest of the week ushered in a number of memorable speakers and experiences including a dialogue withthe CEO of Coca Cola India, the former CEO of SpiceJet, a spiritual Monk, and a reknowned sitar performer. Additionally, we continued to have enlightening lectures and activities led by co-professor  Rajeev Peshawaria, who runs his own personal leadership company, the Iclif Leadership and Governance Centre.  

We ended this week with a cultural visit to Agra, where we soaked in the beautiful, majestic Taj Mahal, described by our guide as “a teardrop on the cheek of time.” It was a moment of appreciation and reflection that I won’t soon forget–a fitting conclusion to GIP India, Leading from the Inside Out.

Ting Ting Guo ’16

GIP India Spring 2016

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