From North Korea to K-Pop

It’s hard to believe how much we covered on Day 5 of the Chazen Korea 2016 tour. After waking up bright and early, we hopped on a bus to the DMZ (the Korean Demilitarized Zone which divides North and South Korea), where we learned about the history of North and South Korea, had the opportunity to “cross” the border and took pictures on North Korean soil.

After returning to Seoul,  we took a tour of Changdoekgung Palace & Secret Garden (a royal villa that is a UNESCO World Heritage site), and were able to walk outdoors in the beautiful spring weather.

We then pivoted to a completely different activity in a company visit to CJ E&M, a media company that owns 18 cable channels, satellite, IPTV, internet and mobile broadcasts including games and music. The highlight of the visit was attending a live broadcast of a TV show highlighting the top K-Pop bands. the audience consisted of a crowd of young teenagers screaming to get their favorite icon’s attention and the CBS Chazen crew. Pretty interesting combination…

Dinner was held at Season’s Table, a buffet style restaurant that offered a ton of traditional Korean dishes. It was fun to try the many different types of kimchi, condiments, and local vegetables.

The night activity (still to come) is karaoke, so everyone is getting some beauty rest before heading out to sing and dance. Hopefully the K-Pop show inspired a few members of the group to take the lead and put on a performance later this evening!

Left side: South Korea, Right side: North Korea
Visiting the DMZ

-David Batt, CBS ’16

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