Learning to Lead from the Inside Out – The Midway Point

Welcome Dinner GIP India Welcome Dinner at BukharaThe past few days in Delhi have passed by like a whirlwind, with each day bringing the opportunity for learning and growth. So far, we’ve started each day with a short lecture by Professor Hitendra Wadhwa focusing on certain aspects of Indian culture and a review of concepts from our Outer Impact Through Inner Mastery Toolkit (created by the Institute for Personal Leadership).

Day 1: AbsolutData

As mentioned in my previous post, part of our curriculum in GIP India is to coach a high performing employee from AbsolutData, a consulting company that provides data analytics solutions, on topics relating to Inspiring Others, Having Difficult Conversations, Changing Others’ Behavior, and Influencing Others. Each employee self selected for the program and have undergone a rigorous application process. Our Leading from the Inside Out class had until this point only communicated via Skype, Whatsapp, email and phone, so we were incredibly excited to have the opportunity to visit their office and see how they interacted with the colleagues.

The purpose of the site visit was to get to know our coachees and to focus on data gathering either by sitting in on meetings or under covering through interviews. On Thursday, AbsolutData will come to our hotel where we will discuss our findings and recommend solutions regarding the areas that they want to strengthen.

Walking to AbsolutData for Day 1 of Coaching
Day 2: The Life of Gandhi 

Gandhi Q and A
Learning more about the life of Gandhi
Part of our preparation for India involved learning about the life and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. So on Day 2, following a short morning lecture, we visited the Gandhi Museum where we were able to see not only where he lived and meditated, but also his last steps. The visit was incredibly inspiring, and we were privileged to have a Q&A session with one of the museum staff members.

So how do you inspire others? Well, there are 5 guidelines that are crucial to remember:

  1. It starts with you: In order to inspire others, you have to first inspire yourself and truly believe in the vision you’re sharing.
  2. Your actions are your message: Gandhi was perhaps the best example of this point. He was someone who lived what he preached. “My life is my message.” -M.G.
  3. Inspire again and again: Inspiration isn’t just a one time thing, so every opportunity should be used to inspire.
  4. Focus both on epic and everyday situations: As a continuation of above, helping others frame everyday successes and failures in terms of pursuing a goal is often helpful. In addition, understating what inspires you will help you get inspired by common, everyday occurrences.
  5. It’s all about them: It’s important to remember that to present a compelling vision, the inspirer needs to integrate the hopes and aspirations in the ones he or she is trying to inspire. It really is all about them.

Gandhi’s Path
Day 3: “Yes Madam, Sir” and Navjyoti

Personally, Day 3 has been the most inspiring day thus far. Not only were we able to visit the site of Navjyoti, an NGO dedicated to empowering women through poverty alleviation and capacity building, but we also had the privilege of meeting Kiran Bedi, India’s first and highest ranking women officer.

Sitting in the presence of greatness-Kiran Bedi!
We separated into groups and visited parts of the village where women had benefited from Navjyoti’s programs. My group visited a group of 15 women who had started a collective microcredit fund. The program had allowed several women to gain financial independence through interest-free loans and startup capital for their own shops. It was an incredibly moving experience.

I’ve enjoyed every second of GIP India so far and can’t wait to see what we have in store next!

Ting Ting Guo ’16

GIP India Spring 2016

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