BALANCE between Pleasure and Pain

Although tech is the dominant industry we visited on this trip, our other “company” visits went on the extremes of what I’d like to think of as pleasure and pain aka the Amphorae Winery (pleasure) and Israeli Air Force (pain – at least my version of pain.)  While others may not think of these as traditional “company visits,” they gave us good insight to Israeli culture.  Since military service is required of most Israeli citizens, visiting an Air Force Base gave us a glimpse into this culture.  The main message that they seemed to want to get through to us (and I’m assuming why they granted a bunch of MBA students who pretty much know nothing about any Air Force, planes, or anything even remotely related to defense access to an Air Force Base) is that their PR sucks.  I’m not making this up – it was the last bullet point on their last slide.  The politics and clear bias is up for debate, but I found it funny that even the Israeli Air Force is concerned with their PR.  No cool (read: lame) pictures of me pretending to fly an F-16 because no phones were allowed.  Boo.

However, Amphorae Winery was pretty much the opposite.  While Israeli wines may not be world famous, there are some serious wine makers in the Galilee Region in the mountains who are making solid wine.  With a Mediterranean weather and also fertile land from volcanic ash, the Golan Heights may be well suited for wineries.  With generous pours from Amphorae, we were able to taste some of their best wines with most people agreeing that the rose was their favorite.  Definitely high on my pleasure scale.  Honestly, anything with wine will score pretty high.

– Teresa Lee ’16, Chazen Israel Group B

What are your thoughts?

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