Incredible India – From Ponicherry to Delhi

For the past two weeks, I’ve had the pleasure volunteering with Habitat for Humanity in Pondicherry, India. The experience had given me just a glimpse a country rich with history, culture, tradition and growth. Tomorrow, I board a flight to New Delhi for my Leading from the Inside Out course led by Professor Hitendra Wadhwa, part of the India Global Immersion Program through Chazen.

New Delhi, an urban area within the metropolis of Delhi, is the capital of the Republic of India and the heart of the Government of India. It’s filled to the brim with movers and shakers, with the decisions and behavior of Delhi’s political  elite dominating regional media. At the same time, traces of rural remain, with turbaned shepherds and sheep dotting open fields and patches of green near the airports. Amidst sari-clad women weaving through old fashioned construction sites, there are executives working out in high-tech gyms. Currently, Delhi’s consumer market and skilled labor force has attracted significant foreign investment in the industries of construction, banking, power, telecommunications, healthcare, community service and real estate.

Over the next week, my peers and I will be interacting with a number of key players from companies including absolutdata, Navjyoti and Lemon Tree. My classmates and I will also have the opportunity to mentor a manager from absolutdata on the topics of difficult conversations, influencing others and changing behaviors. Prior to our trip, we prepared by going through a series of virtual simulations on Professor Wadhwa’s mobile application, Virtual Mentor, with in person lectures and peer practice. Outside of guest speaker events and site visits, our class will have the opportunity to visit the Jama Mosque, Red Fort, Raj Ghat, Feroz Shah Kotla, Humayun’s Tomb, India Gate, Hauz Khas Village and Agra (Taj Mahal and Agra Fort).

Huge thanks go out to my TA Sreya Bhattacharya, Professor Wadhwa and Chazen for making this possible! I can’t wait!

Ting Ting Guo ’16

GIP India Spring 2016


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