Kick-off: Chazen Israel Study Tour

Today we officially kicked off our Chazen Israel Study Tour (Group A)! It was really a “surprise” to have Consul General of Israel, Mr. Ido Aharoni as the guest speaker to introduce the culture and other interesting elements about Israel. During the Q&A, Mr. Aharoni described the history of conflict between Israel and Palestine, the Jewish culture around the world and most importantly, how our trip will benefit from the culture that promoting the technological advancement.

We also got our full itinerary today. We are going to visit several amazing companies such as Perion, Nobel Energy, NGT3 and also have the opportunity to visit IDF Air Force and have a VC Panel to discuss the latest investments they made globally. Everyone got an assigned group to prepare for the morning briefing about the company we are going to visit. Mine is with Ministry of Finance (woo-hoo it’s going to be lots of fun).

2016-03-01 13.30.57

The trip is designed in a way to incorporate both company visits as well as cultural learning and sightseeing. We are going to visit the Dead Sea, Old City at Jerusalem and Bental mountain (and more places—wait to see my future posts!)

What’s more important—it was the first time that we met with other Group A members! I am really excited to know my Chazen trip-mates and make new friends!

Last fun fact: an ordinary Israeli may know more about US than you! You don’t believe? Same here. Let’s find it out during our trip then.

-Sunny Sun 17′

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