Shalom from the Very Center of Business

We officially kicked off Chazen Israel (Group B) this past week with our first social to get to know everyone.  A very delicious lunch of falafel and hummus was bought from the very creatively named restaurant, The Hummus Place.  (I’m sure their creative team took a while to come up with that one!)

The Chazen Israel organizers this year very generously opened up a second group after high demand for this trip and I was one of the lucky people on the waiting list to make it.  Even though it doubled their work load, we’re very excited to get the opportunity to go now!

Although the company visits aren’t finalized yet, we do know that we will be meeting with a tech/VC company, an Air Force base, a winery, and with a politician somewhere in the mix.  All very exciting things!  A quick look at the itinerary (and clarification from the organizers) taught me something new already: the work week in Israel is not Monday – Friday like the majority of the world, but Sunday – Thursday.  Friday and Saturday are their days off with the majority of businesses being closed on Saturdays in Jerusalem, but probably open in a larger city such as Tel Aviv.

With just one more week of class before Spring Break (at least for us second years – good luck on midterms first years!), I’ll be saying shalom next time from Israel!

-Teresa Lee ’16

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