Kick-off: 2016 Chazen Korea Study Tour

Today marked the official launch of the 2016 Chazen Korea Study Tour, with a pre-departure meeting taking place in Uris Hall. For weeks, participants have been anxious to get all the juicy details on logistics, accommodation, company site visits, and (arguably most importantly) the food situation in South Korea.

Everyone was pumped up as they walked into the classroom to receive their Chazen track jackets and were welcomed with a diverse assortment of South Korean snacks. I must admit that I am usually accustomed to Strokos pizza, so it was a welcome surprise to see this rice punch:


We covered all the basics such as things to pack, important phone numbers, the agenda, and transportation details. Among the companies we are scheduled to meet with: Kia, Samsung, and The LOTTE Group. There was particularly a LOT of excitement when we heard that we would be visiting the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), the buffer zone between North and South Korea. Students sat in groups according to the specific company they were assigned to; each group will deliver a short presentation on the respective companies we visit in order to enhance the Q&A discussion. Professor Wallen also encouraged students to reach out regarding preparing company specific questions.

The organizers have done an unbelievable job ensuring people are completely comfortable and all individual requests are addressed. From dietary restrictions to international visas, it’s challenging to accommodate every request and everyone has really appreciated all the hard work they have done thus far. There is no doubt students will be wearing their Chazen South Korea track jackets proudly in the coming weeks leading up to the trip!

– David Batt ‘16


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