Visit to the Pink House and Mendoza

Ariel Williams ’16

We spent the last day of Buenos Aires at the Casa Rosada, or the headquarters of the President of Argentina. Similar to the White House, the Casa Rosada houses the offices of those working for the Argentine government. However, unlike the White House, presidents of Argentina live elsewhere.  The house is emblematic of Argentina’s Belle Epoque era and highlights many aspects of Argentine history. One of the highlights for me was getting the opportunity to stand on the balcony that former President Eva Peron once stood to communicate with Argentine citizens.

IMG_0134.jpgVisiting the Pink House in Mendoza was an excellent way to finish off our time in Buenos Aires. 

In addition to our tour of the Casa Rosada, we also had the opportunity to meet with President Macri’s Chief of Staff, Marcos Pena. It was a rare chance to ask questions about the new government’s plan for Argentina. Pena was very open when discussing Argentina’s current challenges, but was also pragmatic in their government’s approach to  addressing the country’s major issues.

Once we left the Casa Rosada, we all traveled to Mendoza, where we met with with Governor of Mendoza. It was really interesting to see the contrast between the challenges of Argentina’s national government with the concerns and challenges of the country’s regional governments. He spoke about a number of issues relating to Mendoza including decreasing poverty, increasing investment in education and supporting industries in Mendoza, including the wine and energy industry. Because Mendoza is known for its wine, we  took advantage of the opportunity to visit a winery. We spent time learning about the operations behind wine making at  winery Salentien where we toured the facilities and had a traditional Argentine asado (barbecue). It was definitely a highlight of the trip!

IMG_0125.jpgA top down photo of the oak barrels where wine is housed at Salentein. Once a year a concert is held in this space.

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