Day 1: Global Immersion Cuba

¡Bienvenidos – today is the big day! 40~ of us are anxiously awaiting at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York for our flight to Havana, Cuba. Our group of 40~ is extremely diverse and has flown in from all over the world to spend the next week together in Cuba. This is an extremely interesting time for us to be visiting Cuba given the progress that the United States and Cuba have made towards restoring diplomatic relations and eventually lifting the embargo. Given these developments, Cuba is likely to significantly change in the coming years. We may be one of the last Chazen trips to experience Cuba as it was.

The class broke into 10 teams which will be researching various industries in Cuba ranging from Pharma/Biotech to Rum. While we have heard from various experts in the classroom over the last two months, we are all looking forward to experiencing Cuba first-hand. In Cuba, we will be visiting both Havana and Trinidad. Through meetings which range from informal conversations with local artists to meetings with the Central Bank, we hope to get various on-the-ground perspectives of both the Cuba we know today and where the country is going.

Adios for now until our next blog post: ¡Hasta luego!

– Michael Echemendia ’16

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