#ChazenOHare #ChazenNaritaAirportHotel

#ChazenOHare #ChazenNaritaAirportHotel

Ok, tough start to the trip for my classmate Nitash and me. We both were late additions to the trip, got a steal on roundtrip flights with a different airline than most others took, and got what we paid for, in retrospect.

We kicked it off with a delay for an hour on the tarmac getting out of Laguardia. No worries; our flight from O’Hare to Tokyo was delayed due to a mechanical problem anyway. After switchimg planes and a two hour delay, it was going to make for a VERY tight connection in Tokyo, but no real problem.

So we board on the replacement plane (which I’m positive did not have the amenities of the airlines our classmates took – I mean look at that remote), wait an hour, and deplane due to mechanical issues. 0 for 2.

Plane remote
Only the most cutting edge technology on this flight.

After several more hours of waiting, the third plane proves to be the charm and we finally depart for Tokyo with no hope making our connection. Instead we get a ticket for a flight the next morning and a room at a Narita airport hotel.

I just wish I wasn’t too jet lagged to use it.

Doesn't that bed look ravaged from a night of tossing and turning?
Doesn’t that bed look ravaged from a night of tossing and turning?

Nonetheless we arrived safely in Jakarta in time for dinner with our classmates and ended up missing only two events and two mall visits. Here’s to a smoother rest of the trip!

What are your thoughts?

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