Chazen Israel: One day more!

Four months ago, I was thinking where I should go for Spring Break. Realizing this would be the last semester ever in my life, I told myself, “I should go to the most interesting place!” Browsing through the Chazen website, I saw a destination that sounds both familiar and unfamiliar – “Israel”.

Back in high school, the name “Israel” always appeared in bible. When reading news, the conflicts in the Middle East have also always brought “Israel” into my mind. In business school, whenever people talk about start-ups, “Israel” is almost always mentioned.

So this country name does sound extremely familiar, but did I know anything more? Not quite. Having done some preliminary research, I found out that Israel, despite the small size, has a lot to offer – beautiful beaches, rich history, vibrant nightlife, delicious food, intriguing political context and ambitious companies. Yes, the country appeals to everyone!

Without doubt, I signed up for the tour. Four months later, I am now soon on my way to my very first trip to the Middle East!

The trip organizers Daniel, Adi & Rachel gave us a great pre-departure session last week. Looking at the itinerary, every item seems to be great fun, but I am especially looking forward to the following:

  1. Bamba (a peanut butter-flavored snack from Israel)
    *Introduced by the organizers. Check out the video “Americans Try Israeli Snacks“. 
  2. Dinner at Vicky Christina 
    *Yes, food again. I checked out all restaurants in the itinerary and this one looks especially good!
  3. Drinks included every night (!!)
    *Seems like unlimited drinks are included in almost every dinner…very impressed!
  4. Dead Sea
    *I still can’t imagine how I can float in water…
  5. Golan Heights
    *Heard from previous participants that we could see Syria from there?
  6. Company visit: Rumble
    *Start-up (mobile app management) in Israel. 
  7. Yad Vashem
    *To learn about the Holocaust. 
  8. Camel ride

As an organizer of two previous Chazen trips, I perfectly understand how heavy the workload can be. Thus, here I’d like to thank the three amazing organizers once again for putting together such a great itinerary. I was also pleasantly surprised that each participant got the book “Start-up Nation,” which would be the best reading in the long-haul flight.

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Tel Aviv, see you in a bit!

Karl Chan, ‘MBA 15