Almost Ready for Chazen – REA Colombia & Mexico

By Chris Doman ’15

Ahh packing…that thing we think only will take ten minutes, so we put it off until an hour before leaving for the airport. But somehow it always gets done and it’s a nice surprise to see what you actually packed when you get to the other end.

In a few hours, a large group of CBS students will be taking off for Bogota, where we’ll be touring the historic center of the city, known as La Candelaria, which has much historical significance and is a great example of Spanish colonial architecture (we are in real estate after all so it seems fitting to start with a focus on the buildings). We’ll also be visiting Plaza de Bolivar, where a statue of the great emancipator Simon Bolivar is located. On Monday, we start visiting local real estate businesses to learn the ins and outs of the booming Colombian property market. Then on Wednesday, we head to Mexico City for more architecture, business visits and great food. Jealous yet?

Stay tuned for updates throughout this week. And wish me luck as to what I find in my suitcase on the other end….

What are your thoughts?

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