Cuba in Review

Adam Justin, MBA ’15

After a few days being back in New York, Havana still seems like a world apart. A place trapped in time, to be sure. The most striking feature was definitely the cars. The streets were full of colorful, Chevys, Pontiacs, Oldsmobiles, and more. The reviews are in, and we all had an incredible trip.

DSC03942 DSC03867  DSC03903

The Cubans, everyday people, are eager and excited for more opportunities to open up to the United States. It feels like we are at the beginning of an exciting stage in our countries’ relations. To that end, our class was extremely poignant. We met with government officials and business people, in a range of industries. Cuba is clearly in need of massive amounts of investment. Investment is needed in housing, transportation, telecom, hospitals, hotels, retail – almost everything. The classes were super interesting and relevant, with our class full of questions, many were digging at where could we, foreigners, possibly do business in Cuba.


For me that was the highlight. Talking at the end of the presentations with the presenters, our tour guides, restaurateurs, anyone, was focused on the future. Everyone had ideas for the future and how to make it better. The Cubans, as advertised, are impoverished. But they are also well-educated, smart, and hard working. This is a powerful blend and certainly gives me a lot of optimism for the future of Cuba.

What are your thoughts?

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