Goodbye, South Africa

bye CT

It’s only been a week since we left South Africa, and already I’m missing the warmth, the adventure, and the kaleidoscopic mix of the country. (Above, the view from the plane window as we left; photo cred to Jason Louie.) Though we scattered after our trip, whether back to New York for block week, Botswana to go on safari, or Global Immersion Programs in Tunisia or Turkey, we’ve stayed in touch on our group chat.

What has struck me since we left is how firmly rooted in a sense of place the firms we visited are, from Nando’s commitment to displaying South African art in each of its global branches, to Discovery Health’s pursuit of improving wellness, to Brand South Africa’s dual focus on enhancing national pride and boosting foreign investment. This sense of place would have been harder to discern if we hadn’t blended our company visits with learning more about the country’s history, from visiting the District 6 museum and Robben Island, to our course packets and talks with our singular tour guide, Jonny.

What I’ll miss most about our trip – beyond our safaris, our meals, and learning about such a beautiful country – is the group we had, shown below. Exploring a new place, learning other ways of doing business, and having true adventures together was an ideal way to forge new friendships and strengthen old ones.

group shot nando's

All in all, here’s how we felt about our South Africa visit. A huge thank you to our fearless leaders, Angela and Ammar – you two did an incredible job!

vineyard excitement

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