Cape Town adventures

ct dinner

Our days in Cape Town were filled with exploring the city, visiting the District 6 museum, company visits, and a last weekend of adventure before the group left on Sunday (above, the view driving to dinner one night.) To better explore all of Cape Town’s neighborhoods, we broke up into three teams and did our own version of The Amazing Race one afternoon, running between a Pick n’ Pay store (one of the companies we visited – and our organizer’s former employer!), and a primary school. Along the way, we visited the highest point in the city, located several of the city’s landmarks from the top, met a local healer, and learned a traditional Gumboot dance. Performed correctly, the dance is fast-paced, and the sound that the boots make is incredible. Here, the winning group celebrates reaching the end, and the red team learning a gumboot dance:

winning group dance

Our final company visit was to a South African vineyard, complete with winetasting. Our fearless leader, Ammar, posed with Adi in front of the vineyards:

adi and ammar vineyard

Our last two days we split up, choosing between visiting the Saturday market, skydiving, and shark cage diving (among other things) for our final weekend. I drove to the Cape of Good Hope, a world heritage site, and then to Boulders Beach to visit the penguins. We were captivated by how playful they are – and by the chicks, some of whom were newly hatched.

Frolicking Penguins Bluffs of Cape of Good Hope

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