Oh how I miss you, Taiwan

It’s only been a week since the 2015 Hong Kong & Taiwan Chazen Study Tour officially came to an end, and I am already missing Asia! First round interviews are in full swing, and students pursuing IB, consulting and/or investment management are working hard to secure those second rounds. On this wonderful Saturday morning, let’s recap all of the fun-filled events that took place in Taiwan:

Day 1 – By 8:30am, we were on a bus, leaving Taipei and headed to Nantou. After 3 hours on the road, we arrived at Sunny Hills Pineapple Farms. While sitting through a brief company presentation, we were provided pineapple cakes and tea. Delicious! The pineapple cakes were so good that many of us bought a few boxes to bring back to the States.

20150107_113817 20150107_120912 (1)20150107_122553

We left Sunny Hills to have lunch at Taiwan Times Village. After a tasty meal – and a birthday celebration – we headed to Giant Manufacturing Co. We were greeted with a special welcome at their offices… check out the pictures below! The Chairman’s executive assistant gave a very informative company presentation. Shortly after, we headed to the factory to see the manufacturing process in action. Very cool!

20150107_163828 20150107_161451 (1) 20150107_145816

After Giant, we headed back to Taipei. When we arrived, we had the option to go to Shinlin Night Market. Many of us decided to check it out, and boy, are we glad we did. We split up into several groups while we were there, and my group’s strategy was to wait in the longest lines for food. Our thought was that the longest lines equated to the best food at the market… and we were right! The sausage in sausage, angus beef steak cubes and pork-in-a-bun were excellent. Many of us ended the night at Electro, formerly known as Spark ATT night club!

20150107_235811 20150107_235241 20150107_205921

Day 2 – Our first event of the day was a company visit to HTC Corporation. Very cool, unique office. The main lobby is actually referred to as ‘the gallery’ because of all of the artwork on display. Check it out:

20150108_115755(0) 20150108_101043 20150108_100149

After HTC, we had lunch at Ding Tai Fung. Hands down, best meal ever. Wow, the dumplings at this place were incredible! I have never eaten so much in my life. Thanks to our fabulous organizer, Gina, for setting this up! Following lunch, we spent several hours touring the National Palace Museum and Zhishan Garden. Afterwards, we headed to the Grand Formosa Regent hotel for an alumni networking reception. Our keynote speaker, Tony Phoo, who is the Chief Economist at Standard Chartered Bank Taiwan, was impressive. He provided a detailed history of Taiwan & China, in addition to a convincing forecast of what he thinks is in store for Taiwan from an economic perspective. Later, many of us ended the night with a Karaoke Party at Party World SOGO.

Day 3 – Our last day in Taiwan was busy! We started with a visit to Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall. The grounds are absolutely beautiful:

20150109_105755 20150109_103845 20150109_103231 20150109_103155 20150109_102127

From there, we made a visit to the Taiwan R.O.C. Presidential Office. Our charismatic tour guide made the tour a memorable one!

20150109_121320 20150109_121045

After our tour of the Presidential Office, we headed to Chienyuan Restaurant for lunch. Following yet another scrumptious meal, we headed to Longshan Temple. What an experience! The architecture here was phenomenal:

20150109_143803 20150109_141603 20150109_141015

Later, we toured Academia Historica. There, one of our very own was sworn into office… Hello Mr. President!


Our final event for the day was a company visit to Taipei 101. There, we were given a formal presentation on the history of the building, followed by a trip up to the observation deck. Not surprisingly, the views were amazing:


20150109_184723 20150109_184749

After seeing the city of Taipei from 89 floors up, we headed to our farewell dinner at Shinyeh A9. It was the perfect end to an even more perfect trip in Hong Kong & Taiwan! Thanks again to our fabulous organizers, Karl, Gina & Justin!

20150109_214829 20150109_195634

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