In hot pursuit of the “Big 5”

elephant herd2014-01-02 04.29.02

Our Chazen South Africa trip kicked off in a big way:  with a visit to Kruger National Park, to go on game drives, get to know one another, and hopefully get to see “the big 5,” as they’re known: elephants, cape buffalo, lions, leopards, and rhinos. Here’s how we felt:

Surprised in Krug

With just two days in the park, we made it count, with three-hour game drives in the morning and again in the evening, from 4:45 – 8:00 AM, with breakfast following, and then evening drives from 5:00 to 8:00 PM. In between, we ate lunch overlooking the jungle (below), got active at the tiny gym, and caught up on some sleep, getting over the 7 hour time difference.

adi and Gunz at lunch

The few of us who got there early got lucky, watching a family of elephants playing together in the road, babies and all; springboks and antelopes galore, and watched two lionesses and a lion lounging together by our trucks, nonplussed by our excitement. On the night drives, we were rewarded by eyes peering at us in the dark – and a huge hippo ambling directly towards the trucks, unmissable in the headlights of the car. I loved the giraffes and most of all the baby elephants, who were extremely playful.


The last morning’s game drive was a great success, with giraffes and lions galore (and a little extra time to sleep for those who had their fill of animal sightings.) After piling onto the bus back to Jo’berg, we made a stop at Nando’s, one of our company visits this trip, for chicken sandwiches with Nando’s special sauce en route to South Africa’s largest city.

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