The Umbrella Movement is Officially Over & CBS is Coming to Town

If you follow world news, you’re probably aware that pro-democracy protests, led by student groups in Hong Kong, have been disrupting city streets for almost three months now. Late last week, the city officially returned to its normal order. And for the small group of Columbia Business School students traveling to Hong Kong and Taiwan on the 2015 Chazen study tour, the timing couldn’t have been better. As the fall semester of 2014 comes to a close, students wrap up with finals and start heading home for the holidays (wherever home may be), the group can finally begin to focus on the upcoming trip to Asia. The bankers, consultants and research analysts among us will inevitably be rigorously prepping for first round interviews over break. But amidst all of the interview prep, we will also be reading the hundreds of pages of materials to prepare for our company visits in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Among the intriguing list of companies that we will be interviewing management teams are Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Giant Bicycles, to name a few. Not to worry, however, mixed in with the exciting line-up of company visits are a number of amazing cultural events and social outings. Upon our arrival in Hong Kong, the organizers of the trip – Karl, Justin and Gina – have planned a fascinating Aqua Luna private boat party. And I can think of no better way to kick off such an exhilarating and enlightening week. To all of you readers and bloggers out there, that’s all for now. More to come as we ramp up our preparation for the trip and get closer to take-off.

Lauren Harmon CBS ’16

2014-12-05 00.10.45

2014-12-10 10.12.23

2014-12-10 10.32.04

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