Chazen South Africa – the countdown begins


Chazen South Africa begins in fewer than four weeks! For nine days, thirty first and second year students will travel South Africa from Kruger National Park to Johannesburg and Cape Town, visiting companies, exploring the national parks, and learning about South Africa’s history and economy, from meeting some of the country’s largest companies to visiting vineyards.


The trip begins in Kruger National Park, which has some of the greatest variety in wildlife in all of Africa. We’ll get up at 5:00 AM – the best time to see game – and explore the park. Our downtime in the afternoon means we can read up on the companies we’re visiting later that week, soak up the 80 degree weather in the middle of January, and spend time with new friends and old, before heading out to visit Johannesburg and Cape Town.

A group of us from the trip are arriving in Cape Town a few days before the trip starts to explore Table Mountain, see sharks, and find out why the New York Times rated Cape Town the “Number One City to Visit” this year. I’ll report back once we touch down!

What are your thoughts?

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