Patagonia: Can we bring toilet paper?

Jennifer Rhodes ’15

Global Immersion Patagonia brings 28 students on a 10 day trek through Chilean Patagonia. The National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) instructs the course while we are in country, but the 28 of us are the leaders. We will each spend a day navigating through the “wild,” determining when and where to stop to eat and sleep, and motivating our tired, cold, wet, dirty peers.

In preparation for the course, we’ve had three class meetings. At the first, we learned basic orienteering skills — and confirmed there won’t be google maps in Patagonia. Our second class involved a Mt. Everest simulation and discussion about safety, challenge and risk. In the third class, we talked about ecotourism and businesses in Patagonia. We also spoke with a representative from NOLS who talked us through everything on our packing list — with tips and tricks for traveling light, wearing clothes for 10 days straight, and walking through rivers staying as dry as possible.

All along, the Patagonians (as we affectionately call ourselves) have been breaking in our hiking boots, doing (at least a little) physical training, and planning and plotting how our basic (and not so basic) needs will be met in Patagonia. We’ll be carrying everything on our backs, not showering, and cooking outdoors based on rations (that don’t include coffee or chocolate). And no, we can’t bring toilet paper.


Practicing our human pyramid (not sure why…)


Physical fitness training in Riverside park… sorta

I leave tomorrow, but will check in again after we’re back on the grid (and clean)!

What are your thoughts?

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