A Week in Korea in retrospect

Korea is more than the companies we visited, Korea is a small country that is making contributions far beyond its stature. Whether it is in international business, fashion trends, music, or food the whole world is listening. As part of Chazen, we got to experience these trends first hand. Whether it was me trying on my first face mask (which left my face feeling silky smooth) or all of us listening to the top hits in K-pop, it was hard to deny the coming Korean Wave. Everyday of the trip started with conversations about how this cool Korean thing needs to make its way over to the states or how Koreans are way ahead of the curve. I mean Seoul is going to house a building that will be taller than the World Trade Center! That is a statement to the whole world and we got to see it first hand.

As much as Korea is changing the world it still faces real problems which were violently highlighted in the news today. North Korea and South Korea exchange fire, that is the headline I woke up to this morning. A little over a week ago I was standing at the border making jokes about the North Korean tunnels into South Korea. But the relationship between the two countries is anything but a joke. Any second this wonderful experiment that is South Korea, that is Seoul, can be stopped by the actions of another. This trip has made me care and want to devote time to learning more about the struggle between these two countries that occupy a little peninsula together.

This trip was also a chance for me to meet 40 other amazing individuals. I got to meet second years, who this Chazen was part of their last hurrah in business school, and first years who I am excited to get to know even more. We are already planning reunions to K-town and the bottles of soju we will share. Two weeks ago these people were just faces on a trip roster and now they are individuals who I will always remember sharing a great journey with.

Chazen was more than I could have expected. It gave me a spring break to remember and friendships that will hopefully last much longer than school.

So thank you to the organizers, to the companies, to our faculty adviser, to the Chazen staff, and to the amazing alumni of Chazen South Korea 2015

~ Slava Druker Chazen South Korea 2015

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