It’s time for Israel

I am fascinated by all the travel opportunities we have as MBA students. There are way more options than I imagined but what has attracted me the most are the programs organized through Chazen Institute that are led by students.

I am thrilled to visit Israel for a week long cultural and social deep dive with 35 other classmates!! I don’t know if it would have been on top of my list before business school. However, after hearing about Israel from my cluster mate and a good friend, Rachel, I was pumped to visit her country and see all things first hand that she spoke about. From the delicious food to gorgeous beaches, understanding the cultural dynamics of people and personalities, and learning about different industries through company visits.

This year’s trip is led by Guy Rejwan ’15 and Yoav Rand ’15, who shared with us details about the trip as well as some tips on what to watch out for. Below is a picture of some things that are must eat, and I can’t wait to try them!!


Though a small country, Israel offers a variety that is on extreme ends of the horizon, from Tel Aviv, a modern metropolitan city, to visiting Jerusalem, the mecca of holy land, and everything in between. I believe travel is one of the finest ways to get to know my classmates, and I am looking forward to bonding with old and new friends over our cultural excursion. Watch out for pictures and first hand impressions as we explore each city we visit in Israel! More pictures on Instagram and Twitter if you follow #cbschazentravel

I am ready for all of the CBS Chazen Israel crew to unite for the first time in Tel Aviv. Can’t wait to explore the city, starting with dinner at one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, Jaffa!

Aditi Sahani ’15, Israel

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