La Primavera Awaits

After completing the last of my core examinations this morning, I am only a few days away from making the journey to Spain for a jam packed week of cultural escapades, business roundtables and what will hopefully be an eye-opening experience for all parties involved. Led by two CBS Spaniards, Carlos Abellan ’14 and Miguel Nigorra ’15, and CBS Professor Mauricio Larrain, the group is set to visit with an impressive list of businesses and political leaders across Madrid, Santiago de Compostela and Barcelona. With 3 cities in just shy of 8 days, there will be much to see, much to do, and plenty to blog about.

I look forward to affording readers of this blog insight not only into the operations and minds of aforementioned companies and leaders, but also into just how far the Country has come since the depths of the ’08 financial crisis that rocked the Spanish and Global economies alike. To me, this perspective is well worth the +7-hour flight in an ‘economy’ middle class seat. Stay tuned for more.

Nate Walcker ’15, Spain

What are your thoughts?

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